Virtualization Solution

Many companies see the value of virtualization and many are planning on expanding the use of virtualization throughout their IT environment. Having a solid Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution is the top priority to IT initiative.

How can companies implement BCDR with IT simplicity, operation and performance efficiency, and yet still ensure security and reduce cost?

Server and Storage Virtualization Solutions will give your company the advantages of:

Reducing the complexity operations and maintenance to enable a balance IT supply of resources and skills to drive innovation (do not get caught up with managing the IT)
Dramatically lowering costs reduction of CAPEX and OPEX for a smaller IT physical footprint; maximum utilisation of resources by effective pooling and increased automation of operational processes. In other words, redirect investments into value-add opportunities.
Enabling Flexible, Agile IT Service Delivery meet and anticipate the needs of the business through policy-driven automation and self-service capabilities, regardless of where these services are sourced from or delivered to.
Saving time during Disaster Recovery by eliminating many of the time-consuming manual steps to reinstall and reconfigure operating systems and applications.

The impact to IT can be characterised in 3 categories of resource savings:

  1. Financial Resources – attracts most people to virtualization in the beginning via server consolidation. Customers have seen on average a 50% to 60% CAPEX reduction in server hardware and 25%+ OPEX reduction when leveraging virtualization technology. Bigger impact is seen in its ability to delay costly datacenter expansion, because of the reclaimed floor space, power and cooling as a result of these consolidation efforts.
  2. Human Resources – IT staff is able to shift their focus away from managing hardware to spending time on business needs and IT innovation. A study of a highly virtualized customer base showed that on average these customers were spending one-third less time on routine administrative tasks in IT operations due to virtualization and the automation achieved with it. That’s a third of your day, every day, in return capacity.
  3. Earth Resources – virtualization contributes to green initiatives, and has shown the ability to save up to 80% in energy costs. These savings can now be applied to the business. Together with advances in automation and self-service enablement, IT can now dramatically increase its responsiveness to the business.

We at Netmarks can assist you to measure the ROI of virtualization for your IT environment.