Network Infrastructure & Security

Now with the Internet, seamless and timely connectivity is highly expected and depended upon. While it brings great benefits, it also brings about many challenges, especially for organisations.

It is imperative that your IT networks and systems are set up right from the onset. Netmarks is able to propose and build an effective security program by conducting a thorough assessment of your organisation’s current processes and vulnerable risk areas. Adopting a vendor-independent strategy, Netmarks is also able to help you address a wide range of network management issues and assist in managing your network infrastructure.

Netmarks range of services includes:

WAN & LAN – Switching, Routing, VPN, etc
Wireless Network
Security Appliances and Applications – End-point security, Firewalls, UTM, IPS, DLP, Threat Discovery
Network Performance – WAN Optimization, Link Balancers, Load Balancers

Information is a strategic commodity that must be protected no matter where it is or on what device or platform it passes through. The way we use technology at home, work and everywhere in between has been transformed by our mobile and social lifestyle.

The question remains how to secure our devices, personal information, business data which ensuring that we remain business productive. What security solutions can we deploy at a low cost and yet still be effective, flexible and business ready?

What organisations are essentially looking for is smart and simple, focusing on:

  • Security of all end-user activity, regardless of device;
  • Security of cloud and virtual data centers; and
  • Advanced cyber security against targeted attacks.

Smart Security software protects our information with these strategies:

  • Layered protection defense at end-user, network and server levels
  • Interconnected between layers of protection defense mechanism
  • Real-time with security updates provided via the cloud instead of traditional desktop pattern updates to address the current and constant proliferation of threats to information
  • Transparent to users in order to be effective and minimize workflow interruption or possible performance issues.
  • Full Visibility for administrators  across the organisation’s information, and end-user devices to their cloud and data center systems; for building, monitoring and managing policies in a centralised platform.

Speak with Netmarks today, and let us assist you in keeping your IT environment secure and protected from threat attacks.