IT Outsource & Support Services

With the ever-changing IT environments, building a team of IT personnel that can effectively support the much needed IT infrastructure of your business is a time consuming and extensive affair. Today, many enterprises no longer have internal IT support teams and industry studies have proven that contracting the support and maintenance tasks to IT outsource service providers is more cost effective and business efficient.

Netmarks range of services includes:

Better Cost Management Controls

Outsourcing IT reveals greater visibility of your IT expenditure. Expertise and resources from Netmarks are readily available to our customers. By outsourcing IT, hidden HR costs in your organisation is eliminated because there are different options and coverage plans for our services which you can choose to sign on. Most importantly, the need to maintain a comprehensive in-house IT team is eliminated.

Improved Coverage and Service Levels

With an extensive team, Netmarks is able to provide better coverage and higher service levels compared to an organisation having to employ different people to fill various positions in the IT department. Our specialists with various areas of expertise as well as the latest IT resources are readily available to meet your different IT requirements.

Improved Business Processes

With the implementation of various IT processes and business flow, Netmarks makes it easier for organisations to manage IT effectively. From various audits and processes, we are able to provide information and reports to ensure that expenditure, progress and issues are visible and controllable. Along with better security controls, organisations will be able to monitor and prevent IT resources from being misused.

Flexible and Improved HR Options

Finding and retaining technically qualified in-house IT personnel can prove to be more difficult when the external job market is rapidly changing. Many organisations today face challenges of capacity and capability in their internal IT department. By outsourcing IT, organisations can enjoy a wide and continuous IT support coverage without having to rely on one or two key personnel.

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