Backup & Disaster Recovery

In the interest of business continuity, it’s important that your organisation’s Backup and Disaster Recovery plans are in place. As you increase your organisation’s reliance on complex transactions and CRM software to serve your customers better, the more exposed your data and hardware will be.

A recent study has shown that 87% of companies which lost access to their data for more than a week go out of business within one year – making Backup and Disaster Recovery the most critical part of business planning for any organisation.

While any of a numerous factors can cause data loss and system failures, the financial implications are certain. Even the smallest, short-term outage can result in significant damages.

The key would lie in how to minimize your disasters – be it in terms of prevention or recovery plans.

How can a single backup solution be perfectly adapted to all types of hardware, operating systems and environments, including physical, virtual and cloud?

Key points when considering a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution:

Ensure that your backup and recovery process allows fast, complete and reliable system recovery to the same or dissimilar HW (unified platform)
Allows for Integrated Data Protection for files and applications backup and recovery
For virtualization environment, ensure that you have Agentless VM backup for different types of virtualization platforms
Capable of Centralized management of up to 3000 machines, pluggable components
Gives you the flexibility to do Cloud backup with affordable offsite storage
Flexible as business needs change
Enables staging of backups between multiple locations automatically
Scheduled backup with automatic retention and built-in backup schemes
Disaster recovery plan is automatically generated
Support for disk, network shares, tape, FTP, CD/DVD and cloud

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