With the evolvement of IT in the workplace environment, the way we interact, communicate and meet is constantly changing. Project teams, inter-department and even branch communications can now be easily integrated and reached across enterprises. Bringing people together even when they are not in the same geographical locations, that is the key value that collaboration solutions offer.

Leveraging on solutions such as IP telephony, online web meetings, HD video conferencing, enterprise instant messaging, allow businesses of various sizes ranging from small to medium and even global Fortune 500 companies to bring customer relationships, workplace efficiencies, innovations and growth to the next level.

Netmarks range of services includes:

IP Telephony

IP telephony provides a way for you to extend highly secure, reliable, and consistent communications services to all your employees whether they are in different locations and offices, working remotely, or working on the move. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet protocol. IP telephony solutions help organisations of all sizes realise greater security, resilience, and scalability in addition to the inherent benefits of using a converged network for transport and interconnection. From wired to wireless and even softphones that can now be installed on mobile devices brings seamless and cost saving communications to your business.

Online Web Meetings

Online web meetings allow you the ability to meet instantly with your co-workers, customers and business contacts regardless of where they are at. The management and scheduling of meetings has never been easier and you will even have the ability to share your presentations, spreadsheets, and files online with other participants in the meeting. You even have the ability to record both voice and video streams for further references and filing.

Video Conferencing

You can now have regular eye-to-eye meetings with remote participants in different geographical locations in life sized High-Definition (HD) video and crystal clear audio as if they were just in the same room. Various video conferencing options allow you to deploy these technologies into meeting rooms of different sizes and budgets to meet your business requirements. For smaller offices without dedicated meeting rooms or for individuals who are always on the move, options to bring about such functions to desktops and even mobile devices are also available.

Working with key and leading technology innovators in the collaboration arena, Netmarks brings a selection of affordable solutions to meet all of your business’ communications needs. Contact us today to find out more about how our collaboration solutions can help your business.